Obadiah-S841 is a Spartan-IV whom first served on the UNSC Infinity.


Obadiah was born on Harvest. He moved to Mars and then Earth throughout the Human-Covenant war. He lived with his uncle for all his life, due to his parents being left and presumably killed on Harvest. At some point he joined the Marine Corps. 

He became a Spartan-IV and trained aboard the UNSC Infinity as it headed for Requiem. In training, he was on Red team and rarely was under the jurisdiction of Danny-048. But when he was, he was an annoyance to tolerate due to his personality.

On Requiem, he assisted the Mammoth in it's mission of clearing out the large Hardlight Cannons. Here he met John-117, aka Master Chief. He was skilled in combat, but when his allies would fall in battle, he would remain indifferent; in fact, some of the deaths were caused by Obadiah's carelessness.

He survived the remaining battles and returned to Earth. He was originally left in reserve in case Lieutenant Davies needs a replacement, but was used by ONI in their assault to take Atlantis; however, he was captured by the UCR.

He was returned to the UNSC sometime shortly after.


Obadiah is rash, stubborn, and somewhat insubordinate. He uses brute strength to complete his missions, and easily gets impatient on recon or stealth ops. As such, he puts little effort on precision and more on overwhelming force.


Obadiah is an expert in using explosives, such as rockets and grenades, and can utilize a grenade/rocket launcher, missile pod, rocket turret, mortar device, or satchel with great skill. He also has trained in using heavy machine guns.


  • M6H magnum
  • M363 Remote Projectile Detonator
  • MA5D Assault rifle
  • M739 Light Machine gun
  • HE-DP Frag Grenades
  • M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon (On some missions)

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