Noah 'Chavam
Noah keeping with Exon tradition, leading from the front. He is known as an extraordinarily hard man to kill.




8'9"/435 lbs


Exon, Union of Soviet Space Republics


President of Exon, Premier of the Soviet Union

Current Status





Rose Capellan/Vasily 'Chavam


English, Russia, Sangheili, German, Drunk

"You can't kill me" - Ammongst Noah's mumblings after he was rescued after 2 weeks of intense torture and captivity.

Heart of the Red ArmyEdit

Ever since Noah was a child, Noah was always into militaristic type ways as his grandfather was. Noah graduated The New Odessan Universaty at the top of his class behind Augustus Megnsk (his best friend at the time). Years later after an incident with his son and the failed prevention of Sangheilios falling at the hands of the wraiths Thel, one of the greatest military minds the galaxy has seen would dissapear. Leaving Exon leaderless. Noah assumed temporary power but despite his young age he has quickly proven his worth as protector of Exon and her allies.


Noah's personality is wrapped in duty and cold hearted efficiency but under that Noah radiates a very warm, adamant personality when he's away from political eyes. He, like his grandfather Rtas, is a magnificent story teller and capable of changing the hearts and minds of not only his soldiers but their enemies as well. Noah also possesses what seems to be a great sense to tell when someone is lying to him or planning something behind his back.


Noah excells as a people person to those who take the time to know him in the political world but when it comes to international politics he is known to have an extremely short fuse with the international politicians from other factions. It bring out his younger age as he acts often on his own independant instinct then what he has been told to say.

Assassination AttemptsEdit

Due to Exon's current status of the civil war and how Noah always leads from the front of the 3rd Shock Army. Noah has survived alot, he has gained a reputation across the galaxy as someone who is extremely hard to kill. By purely his personality and unpredictability, Noah can see through incoming assassins or when someone is specifically after his head.


Sukhoi Moskvin - As his right hand man in combat, and a friend of Thel 'Chavam (Noah's Great Grandfather).

Admiral Steve Hackett - Although he has retired for the USSR navy and joined the Alliance navy to help train them, the two remain in constant contact.

Kerstin Sentzke - "She likes me too, she just doesn't know it yet" - Noah 'Chavam


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