Nexus Battleship
The Nexus leaving port and heading to trials

Battleship Type


Deployment Zone



Sangheilios/Systems Alliance


4,750 meters


Fast as fuck boi

Ships in Class

1 (more in production)

Ship Role

Exploration/Fleet Vanguard

Innovation Edit

Taking an innovative approach to the ships design instead of an immitative one; the Nexus Class Battleship is so far the pinnacle of Sangheili engineering. Assembled and designed almost entirely in secret on the planet moon of Suban neighboring Sangheilios, its speed and shields are nearly unrivaled. The ship features a newely designed weapon that projects three sources of energy into a single beam capable of outputting incredible damage on what is to be calculated several times the ship's size (which is relatively small).

Inspiration Edit

Designed with Armiger Corporation the design encompassed data and research of forerunner shipping with help from several factions of compiled data. Although it is designed and built solely by Sangheilios the construction and design team expressed that it couldn't of been done without their help. Its inspiration in terms of asthetic design comes heavily from the Sangheili's close ally, the Turian heirarchy. 


Named "Drifter" by Hackett, it is the first deployed Nexus Class Battleship


Utilizing the rare and valuable Blue Tiberium phenotype as a powersource and fuel the Nexus is capable of flawlessy powering the newly designed reflective hardlight shields and overshield energy shields and its weapons. Its armor mixture is heavily classified but Exon scans have found that in initial scans it appears that Tiberium itself is present on its outer armor inside of the Alloy. 

Weapons SystemsEdit

The weapons systems are easily the most controversial part of the Nexus battleship. as Sangheilios does not abide, nor the Systems Alliance to weapons treaty's the Nexus weapon systems in the future will feed off of each other. 3 Nexus battle ships in a fleet are supposed to be able to cause destruction to entire small fleets, deriving specifically from forerunner ships. The three projected sources of energy will cause an large ion attack that will cleave through enemy ships much like forerunner weaponry.


The "Drifter" as the first Nexus is known as is able to be a perfect center for tactical operations, capable of relaying current information with other Nexus Class Battleships seemingly anywhere (projected test results anyways) and are capable of jamming enemy (as well as tapping into them) communications. Making it able to react to any possible invasions of neutal or System's Alliance or their ally's territory.


2580 - The first Nexus Class Battleship left the dockyards and made its way through space trials in 2580, with its first captain as the now becoming legendary Admiral Hackett. Manned with a mixed crew, it is one of the first ships in the Sangheili navy not to be captained or wholly crewed by Sangheili. 

2580 - The second and third Nexus Class is currently under construction though the cost of constructing a forth is under heavy debate as they feel that the Systems Alliance would be going down the path of NuNs through the idea of "forced peace".

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