New United Nations

Date Established

August 8th 2576


Defensive Military and Political-Economic Alliance

Member States

  • Universal Council of Races
    • The Concordant
  • Vanguard
  • Cineris Collective Government
  • Stellar Republic of Andromeda
  • Ecral Collective
  • Voldor Republic
  • Orb Union
  • Nilo Confederation


12,646 Warships (As of 2580)


  • North Point


NUNS Chayyliel

 The New United Nations (Often abbriviated as NUNS) is a Pan-Galactic defensive military and politico-economic alliance that emerged in the aftermath of the 2576 UCR-UEG Conflict, serving as the successor to the Independent State Allied Forces of 2573-2574.

Political BranchEdit

New United Nations GovernmentEdit

The New United Nations Government (NUG) is the political branch of the New United Nations, led by the New United Nations' General Assembly that's comprised of two representatives from each member state. 

Military ArmsEdit

New United Nations SpacyEdit

The New United Nations Spacy (NUNS) is the main military arm of the New United Nations, combining both space and ground forces into one unified fighting force.



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