Real Name



Neopolitan, Neo, Elisa, various false identities

Date of Birth





4'10" (Varies depending on disguise)

Hair Colour

Pink/Brown, (Varies depending on disguise)

Eye Colour

Pink and Brown Heterochromia




Brotherhood of Enhanced

The girl known simply as Neopolitan is an enhanced who uses her natural abilities to change her appearance for infiltration, deception and espionage. She is a key member of The Brotherhood of Enhanced.


Being a master of deception, Neo is capable of adopting and perfectly mimicking ones personality to a tee. When not disguised, Neo herself is mute but not void of her own personality quirks. She finds joy in her work to an almost sadistic level, smiling with a sense of smug superiority when facing people and making playful gestures as she goes about business.


Early HistoryEdit

Not much is known about Neo's life prior to joining the Brotherhood of Enhanced, even her name is unknown to all those but The Mastermind and Neo herself. Whatever past event lead to Neo's joining of the brotherhood has made her extremely loyal to their cause. Without hesitation she will enact The Masterminds plans, all with a devilish smile on her face.

Kepler BaseEdit

Neo infiltrated Kepler Base several days prior to the Brotherhoods attack, taking the guise of Pvt. Elisa Hart after murdering her. She learnt all she could about the bases layout, defences and weaknesses all while keeping up the act that she was the real Elisa.

Once the plan went into action, Neo used the distraction provided by TITAN to infiltrate the lower levels of the base as chaos ensued. Though her attempts to persuade the guards into allowing her to access the storage facility fell flat, she was capable of taking out the armed guards herself with the assistance of Void.

Using her enhanced abilities, Neo mimiced the Major's eyes to bypass the retinal scan, giving the pair access to the missile silo where they proceed to transport a Shiva Nuke to an unknown location.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shape-Shifting - Neo has the ability to perfectly copy a persons physical appearance, as well as their voice and blood. This, along with her natural ability to perfectly deduce and mimic ones personality by simply studying them for a few minutes makes Neo a perfect infiltration tool to the Brotherhood.