Narcius is a Argonian warrior and assassin. He is a wandering warrior from a marshy area on Eden.









Infiltration, info gathering, stealth

Martial Status



Narcius was born to 2 Argonian parents in the marsh lands of Eden, where most Argonians live. When he first came of age, he started to train to be a warrior. By using a mace and sometimes shield. When he came of the age of 18 he left home and began to wander, doing odd jobs such as mercanary jobs and assassination jobs. He also robs people. His skills are sword and shield, mace and spell, bow and arrow, crossbow, and small calibur weapons such as small rifles and pistols. He is currently working in partnership with Alexides and sometimes Brendon, when ever he needs a good assassin, but he has been keeping a open mind to joining the UCR as a assassin or special ops.


Narcius is 5'8 with scaly skin, which is normal to the reptilian race of the Argonians. He 3 scars, which seem to have been made by a claw going over his right eye and a skar on his chin. He has glowing golden/orange eyes that are able to be seen slightly in dark area's. He has deep dark brown skin with black stripe like accents on his face. On his jaw line there are 3 small horns along with small horns on the bottom of his chin. He has a normal build and is quite strong, but then again. The Argonians have a strength above that of average humans, but not much. He wears a brown hood over his head which covers his face from view along with brownish armor that has various runes on the chest plate.


Narcius specializes in hand to hand combat, via using a mace, sword, dagger, ect. He can also use ranged weapons, also he is a fanomial poison maker, able to make nerve agents which paralyze you, blinding agents, and even poison that just up right kills you. Here are his list of weapons.

  • Sword
  • Mace
  • Shield (sometimes)
  • Crossbow
  • Pistol (limited use, when he can get ahold of one)
  • Rifle (limited use, single shot rifles)
  • Spells such as spells that make you wanna attack people randomly, fire spells, and invisbility

Relationshpis and partnershipsEdit

Throughout his life, Narcius has made friends and various partners to work with.

Alexides = Met during a mutual assassination contract

Brendon = One of his contacts who give him work

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