Solaris Region


209,331 km2




23 Million (As of 2576)

Known residents

  • Hine Ryara
 Nanaba is a UCR Sky Island located in the Solaris Region of the Skyverse. 


The Sky Island of Nanaba was founded by UCR Pioneers in early 1616, with construction of the main city starting a few weeks after. For much of it's history, the island mostly served as a trading post and port for ships until the cultural boom of 2058. From that point on it became a fairly popular destination spot and an important UCR City due to the cultural influence it had gained during the boom.

New Dawn ConflictEdit

Nanaba became the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the first year of the New Dawn Conflict. Two days of fighting for the large Sky Island resulted in a UCR defeat and the deaths of over 60,000 service men and women from all four branches, and 24 ship were either wiped out or heavily damaged. Nanaba would be liberated in 2555 during the massive Allied counter attack of Operation Constantine. During the two battles, the island and it's cities took significant damage.

Post WarEdit

After the end of the war in 2556, a massive rebuilding program to undo the damage done on all Sky islands was launched. By the end of 2571, the former glory that Nanaba enjoyed was regained. In 2574, a war memorial was erected in near the capital building.