NUNS Chayyliel


Cijikra'Al Shipyards (LSO-122 Factory Satellite)


Nael'Emura Class Assault Dock


  • Vagan (Former)
  • New United Nations

Laid Down



July 22nd, 2577


October 1st, 2577


  • Length: 42 Km
  • Height: 10.7 Km
  • Width: 15.3 km
 The NUNS Chayyliel (Formally the Nael'Emura) is a Nael'Emura Class Assault Dock originally constructed by the Cijikra'Al  LSO-122 Factory satellite for the Vagan Empire. It is now part of the New United Nations military.

History & DevelopementEdit

Laid down in 2550, the Nael'Emura's main purpose was to act as a large mobile assault dock capable of deploying large amounts of forces planet side, as well as serve as a repair and refit station for ships and command vessel of the large Vagan armada. 

However, the Nael'Emura would not see combat under Vagan service, as it's construction, which at that time 70% completed, was halted by infighting near the end of the Vagan war in 2576. Attempts to destroy the vessel was carried out by loyalists, but only succeeded in damaging sections of the large vessel. After the end of the conflict, repairs to the vessel and further construction were put on hold indefinately. 

With the formation of NUNs in 2576 and the Stellar Republic's entry into the alliance in December of that year, plans to repair and finish the vessel were approved and carried out in January of 2577. Under NUNS supervision, the Chayyliel recieved numerous upgrades to it's various systems and armaments.

Technology & WeaponryEdit

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