Vagan(?), Neutral


This Gundam has been sighted on the outskirts of Vagan territory, it has been reported to engage any other ship or mecha in the area. Who or what's piloting it is as of now unknown. 

Technology & Combat CharacteristicsEdit

Armed with a wide variety of armaments, the most powerful weapon of the NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago is undoubtedly its chest-mounted mega-sonic gun. By using its Strike Claws to anchor itself to the ground, it can deploy this weapon to devastating effect, firing from it a single shot or using a spread cannon mode to take out multiple targets at once. All these abilities make the mega-sonic gun one of the most powerful mobile suit weapons of the  era. Another important weapon are its two strike claws, which are mounted in the Virsago's arms. These claws are mounted on lengthened arms and are powerful enough to crush the head of a mobile suit. Each claw also mounts a beam cannon. Besides these weapons, the Gundam Virsago is also armed with a beam saber for close combat, two head-mounted Vulcan guns and can use a pair of optional 3-barrel Strike Shooter beam guns.

Despite the machine being based on the GB-9700 Belphagor, the Virsago is not equipped with a Flash system. It could be an indication that the Virsago was never intended for any Newtype based technologies, nor did it require the any improved levels of control.


  • Megasonic Gun

The megasonic gun is the Virsago's most powerful weapon. The weapon is primarily used to inflict heavy damage in a target area, the size of which can be adjusted by the Virsago's pilot. Because of the weapon's powerful recoil, the Virsago must be secured via the strike claws. At the time of its introduction, the megasonic gun was the second most powerful weapon system employed on a mobile suit, with only the satellite cannon surpassing it in power. However, unlike the cannon which requires a direct line of sight with the moon to receive an external power supply, the megasonic cannon is supplied power directly from the mobile suit's power plant. Due to power requirements, it takes the megasonic gun some time to charge.

  • Beam Saber
  • Strike Claw

Because of the power of the Megasonic Gun, the Virsago needs to secure its position by gripping the ground with the strike claws, a unique feature of the Virsago's arms which can extend and deploy powerful claws. Because of the strength these strike claws possess they can be used as melee weapons that can pound or crush the enemy's armor.

  • Claw Beam Cannon

Mounted on the Strike Claws, the claw beam cannon is typically used when the strike claws are deployed.

  • Vulcan Gun
  • 3-Barrel Strike Shooter

A three barreled beam gun, the Strike Shooters can be linked into a single weapon, and held in one hand, so as to offer the Virsago a hand held ranged weapon.

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