Roughly translate to the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. The NKVD are a group of fanatical political officers that uphold strict regulations and orders. The NKVD is known for holding the sternest, no funny business officers of the Milky Way, to the extent that some have been tried for war crimes.

Not One Step Back Edit

Pre-Civil War era the NKVD handled strict regulations in the military including the controversial "Order 186" which was activated by the a narrow vote of the USSR chairmen. This order reactivated Penal Battalions, which meant the NKVD was in charge of making sure they reached their destination and fought to the death by the enemies hands or theirs. The NKVD immortalized themselves in their actions, making the populace of Exon angry with their existence.

Government Reforms Edit

After the USSR Government reformed after the Civil War, The Exon Red Army was given the freedom to act without politics. This caused a surge of efficiency in the Red Army to act without having to wait for NKVD officers to react. This change lead to the NKVD moving to a role which comprised of them solely looking after the soldier's well being, as well as enforcing the regulations. Although their actions are recorded closely by the government to make sure the officers don't over extend their authority.

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