Operation Firepower (Earth-1610)

The NIDHOGG Powered Assault Armor is a combat exoskeleton system designed by A.L.I.E.N, taking elements from both the standard Mark VI MJOLNIR Armour as well as the Iron Man Armour.

Visually, the armour looks similar to the classic Mark VI MJOLNIR Armour, however inside is where the bigger differences lie. 

The chest is home to a modified arc reactor core, used to power the suits main systems. The helmet display a modified HUD, more advanced than those used for regular armour, displaying suit diagnostics, situational information, system controls and targeting systems.

For an offensive option, the armor has two remote control weapon arms located on its back. Equipped to one is a M7 Submachine gun, and on the other a M319 Grenade Launcher, capable of firing both conventional explosives as well as flares. The weaponry on the arms is capable of being changed, with current variants being a 7.62-mm minigun, a small missile pod and plasma cannons. The arms can be controlled directly through the HUD, or can be set to an auto-fire option.

As for defences, the armour is made with the same alloy mixture used in Iron Man Armor. However in addition, the suit is capable of generating a shield around itself using its arc reactor.

One of the main aspects of the armor is its flight capabilities. Two thrusters are located in the soles of the armors feet, allowing it to fly in high altitudes. The suit is capable of going at Mach 3 speeds, however it can also get up to Mach 4 and 5 in short bursts. Two repulsor systems are located in the hands of the armor, mainly used for flight stabilization.

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