N7 Program
"Who's like us?"

"Damn few, and they're all dead!"


Systems Alliance




Admiral Steven Hackett


Covert Operations and Reconnaissance


Records sealed

The N7 Program is a group of special forces organized by the Systems Alliance. The program is notable for having intense training to even qualify for the first level. The initial training takes place on Qikost, one of Sangheilios's moons, but afterwards proceeds to off-planet facilities for a greater range of training.


N7 has a base of operations on Zakera Ward, but a secondary base is on Qikost, which is where graduates hold their ceremonies. Other bases are spread throughout Alliance space.

The program is referred to as N7, but N7 is only the highest tier. Operatives work through the different tiers, from N1's that train on Qikost to N6's that run full-scale operations. N7 is the only tier that can be worn on a uniform, but qualifying for N1 alone elevates an officer to a position of great esteem. Due to the harsh conditions of the Qikost facility's training, there is little if any shame in failing a course.

Each N7 operative typically specializes in a certain field, reflected by their set of armor and extended loadout. Pieces of armor can be requisitioned, but colors cannot be customized in order to maintain the idea of a widespread, cohesive and well-connected operation.

N7 operatives often work in squads, but will commonly be split up to work alone or support other groups of marines.


Special equipment, superior to the average Alliance loadout, is developed for N7 operatives. N5 and N6 get a taste of this, but full N7's are consistently well-supplied. Operatives enjoy a supply of sophisticated armor, reliable weapons, and efficient omni-tools, in part thanks to scientific cooperation with the Vanguard.

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