Morris Atkinson
Morris before becoming one of the Six Heroes.

Date of Birth

78,278 Years Ago

Place of Birth

Othea, Kingdom of Asmal




78,278 Years Old


Immortal Human


Asmal, Altira


  • Kingdom of Asmal (Former)
    • Othea Milita (Former)
  • 8 Gods and Goddesses of Skyverse
    • The Six Heroes


Archerman (Othea Militia)


  • Archer (Othea Militia)
  • Traveler (Current)

Eye Color


Hair Color


A famed archer who hails from the long gone Kingdom of Asmal, Morris Atkinson is a member of the legendary Six Heroes who defended Altira with his extraordinary skills as an archer against the threat of the Titans. As time went on, tales of Morris's exploits before and after becoming part of the Six Heroes became stories that has been told across the Skyverse as he faded from history after the events of the Moribund Wars.




Early HistoryEdit

Morris Atkinson was born the village of Othea, a settlement owned by the small Kingdom of Asmal. At the age of 14, Morris joined Othea's local militia as an archer to defend his town from the dangers of Altira, honing his skills over the years battling foes ranging from bandits, rivaling armies, and creatures. At the age of 24 he was given command of his own platoon of archers. 

Titan WarEdit

When the beings known as the Titans began terrorizing the lands of Altira, the 8 Gods and Goddesses of the realm began looking for heroes to defeat them. Morrison was one of six individuals selected by the eight deities and was gifted with immortality and abilities that far surpassed any human was capable of. Together with his companions, they managed to defeat the Titans and restore peace to the lands. After the Titan Wars and disbandment of the Six Heroes, Morrison returned to his homeland to train subsequent generations of archers.

Moribund War and aftermathEdit

When the Moribund War began, Morrison help lead the defense of his nation against those who threatened the Kingdom of Asmal. Eventually his homeland would fall, much of it's military either destroyed or scattered after the death of the royal family, Morrison led an enclave of soldiers and civilians on a journey to find a new home. After many losses, they eventually managed to find refuge in a castle that was abandoned and began fortifying the location. After the fortress was fully fortified, Morrison began leading parties to rescue refugees who's homes were destroyed by the war.

Decades later, the war came to an end when Ami raised the lands into the skies. The castle that Morrison's group was using was split in half, with one half being left behind while the other was raised into the heavens and many were killed in the event. (wip)

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

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