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Morgan is Stacker's (Rtas 'Chavam) wife. They have been in a relationship for a long while now. She worked as an officer at the Office of Naval Intelligence.


Morgan worked with ONI at a young age on Earth and was tasked with psychologically profiling the Covenant at the Covenant refugee asylum camps. There she met a Sangheili minor at the camps with the name of Rtas 'Chavam. He had unusual psychological reasoning for things which perplexed her so she had him taken in for further questioning. There the relationship between the two expanded.

Eden LifeEdit

Eventually she settled with Rtas on Eden who met the Adventure Group. Their life was extremely smooth and happy until an accident on Exon happened forcing Rtas to undergo extreme head trama and was in surgery for months before being released. After his brain was restructed she had to teach him to walk and talk again before he returned to "normal". Eventually with money given from his father Stacker bought a bar and now runs that with Morgan his wife and caretaker.