Morgan Adolpho
Kei agemaki 15776


Command Wolf





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  • UCR
    • UCR Marines
  • Project Valkyrie

Machines Piloted

VF-171 Nightmare Plus "Command Wolf"

Morgan Adolpho is a member of the UCR Marines as is partaking in Project Valkyrie. His Nightmare Plus acquired its named from its piloted seemingly loner nature and tendency to take charge.


On the outside Morgan appears to be a very bland a boring individual, not showing much emotion when he talks and seemingly lacks joy. This, however this not entirely true, though he speaks in a dull, almost disinterested voice this is simply due to the fact he does not know how to display his emotions properly, if he says he is happy then he is, even if his dull voice dors not reflect that. This, along with his very dry sense of humour to give people the impression that he is a boring person.

Morgan, in his free time, prefers to read on his own instead of going out of his was to socialise with people (though he is not adverse to it). He is very dedicated to his hobby and goes through serval novels on a weekly bases.

When in combat Morgan prefers to follow his own orders, choosing his own initiative over that of others. Though this isn't out of any sort of rebellious nature but rather from the fact he likes knowing exactly what he is doing and trust that it is the correct thing to do, if the one giving him orders is someone he trusts he will follow them.