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(Some pages linked havent been made yet but will be made in time) Mitsubi Jr is Mitsubi 's second son, he was born on a colony planet after Mitsubi left Earth. His mother is a human named Olivia and he has a older brother named Tenks

Mitsubi Jr
Mitsubi Jr grown up


Mitsubi Jr


Saiyan/Human hybrid



Eye Color


Hair Color



Mitsubi Jr is a 12 year old hybrid, he resembles his father a lot. He wears a sleeveless and shorter version of his fathers clothing.

Life from growing up without a DadEdit

Since Mitsubi died when Mitsubi Jr was only 4, he grew up without a Dad. He basically lacked the moral and emotional direction of a father figure. Although his brother points him in the right direction of right and wrong, he continues to explore and see the world often getting him into trouble. He is like his Dad when he was younger, adventurous while also getting into trouble. He truly misses him and wishes he was alive.

Being kidnapped by Bido and his gangEdit

Mitsubi Jr was kidnapped by a band of ex pirates. Not much is known about this ordeal, but more will unfold soon. Mitsubi was finally returned back to Tenks and his friends, but their reunion was short lived after The Galaxy Warriors attacked. Tenks and Church quickly dispatched them and after the fight they met the women who wanted to spare Mitsubi. After which they all went their seperate ways.

Gen 2Edit

These are Mitsubi Jr's endeavors with the group

Evil Danno conflict on ElriosEdit

Mitsubi Jr, joined in late on the battle. He came with Church to assist with the group, when he first came he was confronted by Elesis who was under Evil Danno's influence. He said "Alright, lets fight you freak, its time to show you all my new found power!" He then powered up to the highest power a Saiyan can attain, Super Saiyan 4. He was then on par with Elesis and the contructs. After a short battle, Mitsubi Jr went to take on the other constructs around the world to try and reduce the casulaties. There was too many, despite his overwhelming
Mitsubi Jr Super Saiyan 4

Mitsubi Jr when he first showcased his power


Evil Danno after effectsEdit

After the battle Jr and the gang had a tourny. Mitsubi Jr was the center contestant, he was doing good until Elesis put him in his place which finally made him mad, he then left the group. After a couple hours Tenks was getting worried so Elesis went to go check. She then found he was effected by the Majins and Evil Danno, after a short conversing he attacked her. Almost killing her, but Elsword, Tenks, Chloe, and Aisha came and saved her. They then ganged up on him but was barely  a match, after the battle Kaze interferred and said to either kill Mitsubi Jr, or risk the El Crystal and cure Mitsubi. Tenks decided to to kill him and right when he brought the sword into his stomach, Elsword came in and cured Mitsubi of his curse. But even thought......he is still vulnerable to the curse from Evil Danno and Majins.


He is rather arrogant, like his father and is cocky, exspecially since he attained the highest Super Saiyan level, the group doesnt think too highly of him and thinks he is a "punk". 


Mitsubi Jr is rather powerful, even though he has barely any experiance he is a talented fighter. Something else he inherited from his Dad. He also inherited his arrogance, which proves to be a critical flaw.


Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 4

Mitsubi Jr Super Saiyan adult


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