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Full Blooded Saiyan





Martial Status





Marq: Comrade

Danno: Comrade

Robert: Comrade

Homura: Girlfriend (Formally)

Tenks: Son

Hair color


Gold when he Super Saiyan

Eye Color


Teal when he is Super Saiyan


Formally Saiyan Army

Fights along side Marq and his friends, has heard of a army called "UCR" and is considering joining.

Aura color

Gold: while he is a Super Saiyan

Blue: in his Normal form


"I have lost to many friends and family in my life.......and im not losing this one!"

-Mitsubi as he is turning Su​per Saiyan 2

Mitsubi is a ex Saiyan soldier, from Planet Vegeta. His name is a pun on a Vegetable like all Saiyans. (Mitsubi is a pun on a root)

Mitsubi's fight song (Or theme)


The following paragraphs tell Mitsubi's life from his past to his current time on Earth. It also tells of his adventures.

Life before coming to EarthEdit

As a young child, Mitsubi was a lonely kid. He had no friends which had some upsides he trained a lot. And quickly showed great promise, at just the age of 12 he was already given a invitation to a special team of 2 Saiyans. He took the offer and met 2 Saiyans who would later be his 2 best friends, Ryu and Fava, who would later be his love. The team shortly became the most elite, rivaling Bardocks Elite and with that also comes with Frieza fearing them. Then when Frieza decided to destroy Planet Vegeta he decided to do something to tear Mitsubi apart and fill his heart with grief and hate. To kill his parents right in front of him. When Mitsubi was 27, he was with his parents along with Ryu and Fava before going on a mission and Frieza busted down the door and executed Mitsubi's parents, Mitsubi was next but little did Frieza know, Mitsubi was about to attain a power that Frieza feared, the power of the legendary Super Saiyan. His hair started to flow side to side and started to flash gold,his eyes also turned to teal and the ground was shaking. Right when he turned Super Saiyan, Fava grabbed Mitsubi with Ryu's assistance and they escaped to their pods. They left Planet Vegeta but got seperated, Mitsubi landed on Earth, Fava on a planet in a near Solar System, and Ryu is said to be near Pluto.

Life on EarthEdit

After finally getting aquainted with life on Earth Mitsubi has a "family" and plenty of friends. But a woman gets Mitsubi angry which caused him to fight her, after losing control he brutally hurt her. Angering Danno, after days of running
Mitsubi turning SSJ2

Mitsubi as he transforms into a Super Saiyan 2

he face's Danno to let him get even. But a woman attacks him with the intent to kill. After almost killing Danno, Mitsubi got angry and unlocked a new level of Super Saiyan. Super Saiyan 2, after which he gave chase. Before he was Super Saiyan 2, the woman dominated him. But after he transformed he took over. After brutally beating her, she revealed herself to be Gasai, so he brought her to Danno only for Danno to be even more angry at him for hurting the real Gasai, even though it was in defense. One day Mitsubi was talking to Danno and he started to feel a pain.....then after much pain he turned Super Saiyan against his will and got red eye shadow he was being mind controlled. He assualted Danno then flew off his son finally wanting to find his Dad followed him. After a short fight his son overpowered him then the person who was mind controlling him kill MItsubi only to anger Tenks but Mitsubi's death was not in vain, as Tenks killed the person.

Gen 2 AdventuresEdit

Mitsubi was revived for being good 15 years later so he could be in his sons life. A couple days after being revived he attended Tenks' wedding, he was so proud of his son he was proud to be his father. But a couple months later Tenks, Liz and Gorby was injuried (Liz was killed). Mitsubi just completly flipped his top, and had the whole earth shaking. After he transformed he confronted the person who killed Liz and injuried his son, a man by the name of Buji. But he wasnt powerful and got thrown around like a rag doll. (see Tenks for full story). But after the fight Mitsubi started to feel a familer feeling.....(see Majin Mitsubi). After the conflict Mitsubi left Earth so he attracts less hostiles. He soon found a colony planet to live on, he quickly got infatuated with her, but soon after ahe found what the colony's true intentions are, but before he could ask about it, Evil Danno attacked it. After a lengthy battle, the Colony scientist's was taken to his ship to be composed. Mitsubi gave chase, and found them. But they was turned into contructs, and after a lengthy battle he freed Olivia and they escaped the ship. They then stayed there and had Guten. 4 years later they came to Earth to warn the group. But the reunion was short lived as Evil Danno attacked again, and after a short battle . Evil Danno tried to kill him but failed and Mitsubi lived.

Years laterEdit

Years later, Mitsubi is now under control by Evil Danno. He is now his agent and soldier. Evil Danno uses Mitsubi to do his bidding. He completely forgets who he was, how he "died", and literally every aspect of his former self. Evil Danno even altered his past and memories to further suit him and minimize Mitsubi turning against him. He is no longer himself and is a roaming vessel of evil and hate. He is still salvagable. But it will take effort from his old friends, if they are still alive. Or from people who knew his old friends. 


  • Robert Naylor= At first he was gonna kill him because he thought he was someone else, but is now more comfortable around him and considers him a friend.
  • Marq = See's him as a friend and respects him
  • Danno-048 = See's him as a friend but hopes he can forgive him for hurting Gasai.
  • Tenks = Is his son
  • Mitsubi Jr  = Youngest son
  • Olivia = Lover

Techniques Edit

Galick Gun =A energy beam used by putting the backs of hands together and then thrusting them forward, his signature attack

Galactic Buster = A 2 handed energy ball which impacts the ground creating a blue light, which then explodes. Meant to create hige explosions and  is used for killing multiple enemies

Big Bang attack = A Super Attack taught he learned as a child

Rolling Crush = Is a rush attack in which Mitsubi punches the person in the air, double axe hammers them to the ground again and rapid fires ki waves at the downed person

Bang Pistol = He forms his hand as if a child acting like his hand is a pistol and shoots a VERY fast little energy beam, used for executions or toying with people


Super Saiyan = He gains a huge power increase followed by his Hair turning gold/blonde, his skin turning a peach color and his eyes going from brown to teal

Super Saiyan 2 = After seeing Danno almost getting killed, and from shear anger and frustration from being so weak.

Great Ape = At a full moon (he must be looking at the moon) he turns into a giant monkey with a considerable power increase. He can barely control himself in this form so he needs to be calmed down and brought back to his normal self. (ONLY IF HE HAS HIS TAIL)

Saiyans Pride = He gains a slight power boost (similer to Kaioken) he is illuminated in a blue aura and is able to do more damage than he normally can. But it takes A LOT of energy to use and can cause energy or a self induced K-O if used too much.

Beserk Mode = Mitsubi's beserk mode is rather unique, it is very differnt than everyone else's beserker mode. 1 of the reasons is, by instinct Saiyans are naturally aggressive so he use's it more often. Plus instead of just getting angry he also takes a appearance change. His hair, tail, and eye brows stay black but his eyes change Red. Also he has learned to stack the power effects with his Saiyans Pride ability to get a huge power increase the amount of time until he becomes exhausted or even self induced K-O is lowered and has less time until the effects take affect.

Mitsubi as a Super Saiyan 2 fighting

Mitsubi as he does his first fight as a Super Saiyan 2


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