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Date of Birth

September 12 2539


  • 17-18 (Gen 1)
  • 37 (Gen 2)


  • UCR Armed Forces
    • UCR Air Force (Former)
      • 201st Combat Company (former)
        • Emerald Force (Former)
  • UCR Spec Ops
    • Special Task Force A-01
      • Dragon Busters Battalion


  • Colonel


  • Mother (Deceased)
  • Father (Deceased)
  • Younger Sister (Missing)

Love Interest

  • Gomma (Former Crush)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Blue

Craft operated

  • VF-0AP
  • YF-19 No.1
  • RGM-96X Jesta
  • VF-19EF Caliburn


Maya seems to be a calm and collected personality, always reading a book in her free time, or visiting the local hospital with other members of her squadron to entertain the children and keep the elderly company. Other times, she takes walks by herself whenever she gets the time to, often visiting peaceful places that remind her why she joined the Armed Forces. However, she seems to have developed a secret playful side, possibly from being posted on a ship such as the Daedalus with limited places to go when off duty.

Early HistoryEdit

(going under revision)


She served on the Daedalus as a replacement for Marq. She has fought against the Wraith with 2 pilots from her Jesta Team: Gorga and Norm.

Gen 2Edit

Special Task Force A-01Edit

In late August 2577, Maya was promoted to Colonel and assigned as the leader of the Dragon Busters Battalion of the newly formed Special Task Force A-01. Following her new assignment, she formulated the TRYON 3 plan as a means to boost public moral on Eden following the aftermath of the Kaiju Attacks on UCR worlds.


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