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Real Name:

Brendan Doyle





Eye Colour


Hair Colour



6'2 (6'5 in suit)




Mauler is a very violent and foul mouthed man who gets easily annoyed at minor inconveniences. Despite this Mauler can be a very good tactician when not made and is able to use his battle suit very effectively in combat.


Brendan Doyle was a worker for a weapons manufacturer until the company was bought by Ultratech  Industries and 70% of the workers were layed off. Brendan was furious and didn't take losing his job very well, for months he worked at home to build himself a power suit. Brendan chose to become a mercenary who only takes jobs that affects UltraTech. After a few jobs Brendan got the nickname "Mauler" for how brutal he is during his jobs.

Mauler was hired but the terrorist group known as The Foot Clan who took Goliath National Bank hostage in LA, GNB has been known to a major investor of UltraTech. The terrorists set a bomb in the middle of the bank and had Mauler kill any SWAT, cops or SWORD agents who tried to get in. Fury sent in two of the Avengers, Septem and Kurohai. When the two crashed there way into the bank Mauler battled the two but was soon beaten but Kurohai and taken by the cops. He is now currently in a high security prison.


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Mauler's suit

Mauler's suit is armed with multiple types on weaponry all of which he can use effectively and has built himself

  • Gauntlets: Mauler's gauntlets are able to switch between ballistic and explosive rounds and can only store special ammunition such as taser darts and flame throwers.
  • Thruster boots: Mauler's boots are capable of giving his short bursts of flight, but due to the suit not having much fuel stored it can only be used for a little while.
  • Enhanced strength: Mauler's suit gives him enhanced strength making him 4 times stronger than the average man.