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Master Chief is a Spartan-II supersoldier of the UNSC Navy. He served distinctively in the Human-Covenant War and numerous subsequent conflicts, becoming widely known across the galaxy for his actions.


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Post HC WarEdit

Immediately after the Forward Unto Dawn was split in half, the Chief was put in cryosleep while Cortana attempted to send out an emergency distress signal. While Chief was out Cortana went into a low power mode, allowing her lifespan to be conserved.

After several years under ice the Chief was found by Covenant Remnant. (Halo 4)

For a time, the Chief and Blue Team were left with very little to do as the galaxy was at peace. They would be forced to learn how to act normally with the help of Spartan-III's who had already converted some years prior.

In the 2560's Chief once again had something to do as things heated up with the UCR's nuisances having an effect in the Milky Way as their enemies were also hellbent on destroying everyone else. He would also be given the task of assisting in the Guardian project by lending his experiences to the team that would later be led by Dr. Rinko

Exon v. ELAEdit