Marissa Smith
Sometimes... it's good to be bad.


April 2, 2553



Hair Color


Eye color

Light Red


Zander (Dead Husband)
Sara Smith (adoption)

Love Interest(s)

Zander (formerly)





Marissa Smith is a former financial broker who's dealings landed her in deep debt with the "devil"

Early LifeEdit

Marissa Smith was born on April 2, 2553. Her parents were lowly drug addicts who abused her often. She ran away from home at age 16, looking for a fresh start in her life. She soon fell in love with the financial world and got a job working for a bank before becoming more involved with the system and eventually as a broker. After cheating the wrong people, Marissa made a deal with Sam for protecting in exchange for her soul. It was around this time as well that she fell in love with Zander

Current LifeEdit

After they had been together for a while, Marissa soon fell pregnant with a child. She gave birth to a girl named Sara. The three live together in a secluded home on Eden. However, Zander died in a ongoing training exercise. The event left Marissa traumatized to the point where she had to put Sara into adoption. With no money and heavy drinking taking up her life, Marissa got a job bartending at a bar ran by Rtas 'Chavam and his two wives.