Mari Iglesia
Mari Iglesia





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Church, UNSC (Formerly), CMF, ISAF

Mari Iglesia is Church's Soul Partner/Weapon. She is very kind and polite, but in the battlefield she turns very serious. Like Church, she will do anything to get the job done, but will always put her teamates's safety first. In her weapon form, she is a powerful, nearly-indestructable sword. When the situation requires stealth, she is also capable of transforming into a smaller, dagger-like form of the regular sword. She is the strongest of Church's weapons, and has gained the ability become a death scythe, the most powerful form a soul weapon can take. After collecting the 99 evil souls and the Witch's soul required to gain this form, she also gained the ability to spawn blades that protrude from anywhere on her body when not in sword-form, as opposed to the previous requirement of having to temporarily replace a limb with a blade.

She and Church have the ability to use two different "Soul Resonance" moves, which are easily the strongest attacks either of them are capable of. Their Soul Resonance becomes even more powerful when Mari becomes a Death Scythe or her special Spiral-Gauntlet form.