Margaret Ravencroft

Full Name

Margaret Elizabeth Ravencroft

Date of Birth

May 1st 1850

Date of Death

September 10th 1870




Undead Human



Hair Colour


Eye Colour

Blue (Human)
Red (Undead)


London, Victorian England (formally)


The God of Darkness


Bodyguard of the God of Darkness
Housekeeper of The Castle of the Demon King.

The head housekeeper of The Castle of the Demon King  and the personnel bodyguard of The God of Darkness, Margaret Ravencroft is an usual type of person to be seen in Hell. However, despite her out of place looks, she is a dangerously powerful individual who's potential was seen by the God of Darkness who promptly recruited her into his ranks.


Margaret comes off as an emotionless and stoic woman, who seems just as lifeless as she actually is. She is extremely loyal to her lord, and strives to fulfil her duty as his guardian and last line of defence within his castle. It is rare that she will show extreme emotion, only ever doing so when pushed over the edge.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Pocket Watch of Time - Margaret posses one of five pocket watches that belonged to the The God of Time. This watch contains a fragment of the gods power, and allows her to manipulate the flow of time at will. She is capable of not only stopping time all together, but is also unaffected by its effects, allowing herself to move freely in the paused time for as long as she wishes.
  • Knife Proficiency - Having taught herself this skill after coming under The God of Darkness' employ, Margaret has since become highly skilled at throwing knives with utmost accuracy. Though a regular throwing knife is unlikely to kill anything worthy of being a threat in hell, she normally instead uses them to pin enemies in place or cause them to drop their weapons.
  • High Durability - Being undead, Margaret is able to take a large amount of punishment before yielding, far more than what a regular human could withstand if they were in her place.