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Mandalore is a far fallen society which once praised virture and tolerance, now fallen back to its origins of the miridiem days from the late 2560s during Exon's invasion of the Trading Republic of Miridiem. Now after heavy USSR occupation after a surprisingly prolonged war that caused heavy infastructural damage. The USSR is currently trading raw resources to repair the capital city as the society descends into a warrior tribal society. Very reminiscent of Doisac, the home of the Jiralhanae.

Pre-USSR OccupationEdit

Before the USSR decended on Mandalore, the world was a peace loving state that promoted tolerance of enhanced and race. However after the Orb Union started its decline after several event, after the Orb's split from NUNs, the CGE jumped on the opportunity to drive its economy. Exon introduced ultra-nationalism and an extremely effective propaganda campaign which caused Mandalore to explode into a civil war.

Mandalore's New Leader, a cold Exon former business man.

Civil DiscordEdit

With Mandalore moving to civil war, the CGE and USSR made a deal. With Exon companies supporting the Rebelling side and the UEG supporting the Loyalists side, with whoever won would head the occupation of the territory. Litterally and figurativly throwing weapons and space craft to the fray for each side to use. However the USSR companies would eventually win out the rebellion and soon after sparking an Exon occupation of the world. Splitting apart the warring 'tribes' with propaganda to keep the populace divided and easier to control. Short campaigns against guerrillas lead by Exon against uncooperative tribes was bloody, yet they earned Exon's respect. Preventing an overly violent occupation.

New "Government" and CultureEdit


Mandalore's Civil War was costly, moving them back to nearly the pre-space faring age.

The new USSR installed government known as the Mandalorian District is ruled by a shrewd Exon business man known as Van Kreuger. He is strict on any attacks on the government instead turning the agression towards eachother. Causing a very obvious near caste system. The New Mandalorian Culture is tribal based, each tribe ruled by the populations strongest, usually just simply referred to as their leader. Now a warrior society, most tribes solve dissagreements over small wars or fights between their leaders over resources, land, or petty squabbles.

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