Earth (formally)
Leasath (currently)




Gang Leader

Mammon was a former test subject of Desperado Incorporated who has experimental nanomachines inside his body. He and his small gang are causing mischief on the UCR planet, Leasath.

Personality Edit

Mammon is a sarky smart mouth who can be incredibly greedy at times. He is very avaricious and likes living in luxury, surrounded by powerful minions and beautiful women. He is very sure of his abilities and normally walks into a situation knowing that he can take down anyone in his path. Most of the time he can be rather relaxed and snarky and it takes a lot to drive him over the edge and out of his jokester demeanour.

History Edit

Mammon was once a human test subject for Desperado Incorporated in hopes he could make himself stronger and even immortal. There he was injected with experimental nanomachines into his heart, the nanomachines spread across his blood stream and gives him the power to harden his body in response to physical trauma, with the side-effect of turning the affected areas black.

Surprisingly, after the tests Mammon was allowed to leave the testing labs and decided that from now on he is going to take what he want when he wants, knowing that no one can stop him. Mammon decided to start up a gang comprised of strong and talented Faunus that he broke out of jail or rescued from wrong full imprisonment. With the aide of his newly formed gang Mammon took over a bar on the UCR planet Leasath called "Devil's Nest" because underneath the tavern are sewer tunnels that lead all over the city, making robberies and escapes easier.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Nanomachines - Mammon's body is filled with experimental nanomachines that allow him to harden parts of his body in response to physical trauma. When this is done Mammon's skin becomes as hard as diamond and can successfully deflect or absorb a wide range of weaponry and magic.
  • Quick Reflexes
  • Close-Quarter-Combat