Majin Mitsubi Jr
Majin Mitsubi full body





Martial Status






Hair Color

Gold (Is always at Super Saiyan 2)

Eye color

Blue (Always Super Saiyan 2)

Aura color


This is a evil Mitsubi created by the Majins. Since he is thought to be Mitsubi reborn. He comes in every once in awhile to sturr up the group and cause trouble. 


The Majins created him since they cant keep a solid control over the real one. and so they can have revenge on the Adventure Group for killing one of their leaders 15 years ago. He is massivly powerful, able to best Elesis in a fight, and Yoko "Yomako" Littner on 2 occasions. He hasnt been very active but with Evil Danno's meandering in the real world, it has awakened the Evil Mitsubi. It is unknown what this Evil Mitsubi is capable of.


He looks exactly like Mitsubi Jr minus the M on his forehead and his eye shadow, but he has learned how to hide the M. But he is slightly more muscular and is able to stay in his Super Saiyan state at all times. Which is 1 way to tell them apart. Despite him being stuck in Super Saiyan 2, he is able to match the higher power levels and fight on par with people like Elesis, Mitsubi Jr (Real one) and others.


Majin Mitsubi's power is unknown fully, but he is able to be on par with Elesis and Yomako. Which means, if allowed he could kill Tenks and the other members of the group...if he wanted to.


He doesnt really have any friends.

Tranformation and movesEdit

He is stuck in Super Saiyan 2, but somehow he has unlimited power when it comes to holding the form. So, Majin Mitsubi might not have energy drainage from his form. He can perform all of Mitsubi and MItsubi's moves. The only differance is, Majin MItsubi fights more ferocious and unpredictable then his counterpart. He also has a array of execution moves.

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