Maira d'Aweir


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165 cm

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The Gods



A warrior whose lance pierced the darkness, Maira d'Aweir was a part of the Legendary Six Heroes that saved the Altiran supercontinent. She remains a popular figure in literature for her heroic deeds and beauty.


Early HistoryEdit

Maira was born in the remote mountain village of Madell. From a young age she was taught how to fight in order to defend the village from bandits. The elders sent her away because she was relatively the best they had. Maira was taken in by a lord, developing her skills and renown with daring cavalry charges against enemy armies and great beasts. She led a troop of fighters on winged beasts.

Titans awakeningEdit

When the great Titans attempted to end the rule of the Gods, six heroes were selected of which one was Maira by the Eight Gods. She and the other heroes were gifted great powers to defeat the Titan threat. Peace was restored but at great cost and with dramatic alteration to the land.

After the Moribund War Maira traveled with her remaining warriors to the newly formed islands to quash remnants of war. She retired to a city in the trees to train those that wished to fight with the lance. Maira was often seen accompanied by a mischievous child with pink hair. She and the city disappeared when the great forests were burnt down in a subsequent conflict.


In general combat, Maira will typically wear a light suit of armor made of an unknown material. Her armor provides some level of protection against trivial weaponry like swords and more formidable damage from titan weaponry. Her legs are protected by greaves and gauntlets for the arms, none too heavy, allowing her freedom of movement. Her helmet is somewhat reminiscent of a dragons curved facial features.

Post-Moribund War imagery usually depicts her without any of this.