Magic, also known as sorcery and witchcraft, is the practice of tapping into the natural energies of Skyverse and manipulating them in such a way as to alter the fabric of the universe. This unseen energy is naturally radiated by the universe itself and its various deities. Tapping into this energy is not an easy task, and thus requires rigorous training and studying in order to do it, however some people are more attuned to this energy than others, while some are capable of it naturally without training.

Types of MagicEdit

There are multiple ways in which a sorcerer is capable of manipulating the energy, each method resulting in a different effect, these different methods are classified as spells. As well as different methods in which someone can channel the energy, there are also various types of energy corresponding with the different gods, depending on which energy is channelled the sorcerer would be capable of vastly different things.

There are multiple different spells that currently exist, with more being created every year, however, all spells can be categorised under one of three types. Offensive, Defensive and Support.


  • Nature Bending - Nature bending is achieved by tapping into the energy specific to the Goddess of Nature and the allows the sorcerer to manipulate, and at higher levels generate, natural elements. When used effectively, nature bending can be one of the most dangerous offensive spells, as the wielder has effectively infinite supplies in which to use for attacks.
    • Water Bending - Allows the sorcerer to manipulate water, be it a single droplet or a large body of water. They are capable of levitating it and controlling its movement, as well as its pressure and shape. High level sorcerers are capable of generating their own torrents of water.
      • Ice Bending - An extension of water bending, ice bending not only allows the user to manipulate preexisting ice, but higher levels can freeze bodies of water or water they generate themselves.
      • Blood Bending - The user manipulates the water within a beings body, effectively controlling them like a puppet, from that point the bender is able to make the victim do whatever they want and kill them just as easily. This type of magic is considered a taboo, and is normally favoured by those interested in the dark arts or those with malicious intent.
        • Blood Magic - An extension of blood bending, blood magic is a technique in which a user uses the blood of other to tap into the darker side of magic energy, granting them access to spells they were incapable of by themselves.
    • Earth Bending - Considered one of the strongest branches of nature bending, earth bending is literally manipulating the earth itself to use it battle. Earth benders can not only levitate large sections of rock, but also shift the ground and affect its shape. A strong earth bender is capable of shifting tectonic plates, and some speak one ones capable of breaking planets.
      • Ore Bending - A sub class of earth bending, ore bending allows the user to manipulate various types of metals, be it in their raw state or otherwise. As well as manipulate the shape of metal, ore benders are capable of drawing metal to themselves like a magnet or generate it themselves if powerful enough.
      • Plant Bending - Plant bending is the act of manipulating fauna, ranging from simple flowers and vines, to mighty trees. Plant benders not only manipulate the existing plant, but are capable of making the plant grow at will.
    • Air Bending
      • Gravity Manipulation
  • Detonation
    • Fire Manipulation
      • Electricity Manipulation
      • Lava Manipulation
    • Explosion Magic
  • Alchemy
  • Summoning
    • Familiar Summoning
    • Contract Summoning
    • Demon Summoning
    • Elemental Summoning


  • Nature Bending
    • Water Bending
      • Ice Bending
    • Earth Bending
      • Ore Bending
      • Plant Bending
    • Air Bending
      • Gravity Manipulation
  • Light Manipulation
    • Light Constructs
      • Energy Weapons
      • Energy Barriers
      • Energy Wings
    • Illusion
  • Shadow Bending
  • Ability Buffering


  • Healing
  • Alchemy
  • Time Manipulation
  • Enchanting
  • Ability Buffering

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