This scoped mosin with HVAP rounds weigh in at around 30 pounds

Bolt Action RifleEdit

The M92/77 is practically a guass rifle using cheap but reliable and weather resistant matierals to make the perfect DMR or last ditch ERA primary weapon. Although never put into service due to the abundance of weapons to go around after the Penal battalion wars of 2577 the "mosin nagant" was pushed into service given to members of the partisan militia to fight along side the ERA and scoped for ERA snipers for it's accuracy and lack of muzzle flash. It fires a hyper velocity incin round that is usually enough to instantly cook an armored target's insides for an instant kill. The Mosin also really doesn't make much of a noise except when the bolt is drawn to get rid of the cartridge and vent the heat. Firing this gun too long can result in damage to the weapon but the readout in the scope does a good job of telling what the heat of the rifle is. The Mosin's drawbacks is that obviously it can't be fired for long reducing it's fire rate and when it starts heating up if it isn't vented it becomes inaccurate and hard to hold.

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