M841 Main Battle Tank Kuda


Main Battle Tank


4 crew or 1 with neural interface


  • Length: 14 meters
  • Width: 8.3 meters
  • Height: 5.6 meters

Max speed




The M841 "Kuda" is a Main Battle Tank manufactured by Acheron Security for the UNSC Army and Marine Corps as a replacement for the M808B MBT.


As far back as 2530's there had been a need for a replacement to the century old Scorpion tank. The XM850 Grizzly was intended to be this successor but the prototypes were lost with the Spirit of Fire in 2531 until it was rediscovered three decades later. No serious consideration for a replacement came to be until the appearance of the Exon Apocalypse Tank. Work began on a counterpart to the Exon armored tank in 2564 and was ready for trials for 2571. An initial 500 were ordered after a successful evaluation period. At the time of the UEG-UCR approximately 1,366 were available.

In their first combative use the M841 Kuda went up against UCR M61 MBT's which were respectable but for the most part lost due to the little investment into the Army component. On Earth when Exon invaded the Sol System, a mixture of Scorpions and Kudas met to confront them in the North American and European fields. Here the realization came that they were not exactly some super tank but simply had overwhelming numbers and a gun that could penetrate the frail Scorpion which were prevalent as the M841 had yet to reach sufficient numbers for every unit.


  • One M518 180mm smoothbore high-velocity cannon
  • Two coaxial M247 heavy machine guns
  • One remotely controlled 30mm cannon
  • One tower mounted 40mm cannon
  • One projectile defense laser
  • Active protection system

The Kuda incoporates signal jamming equipment for uses against IED's and some missiles. It also can use a variety of thermal sleeves to aid in masking its presence on the field.