The M56 is a man-portable HMG with automatic targetting abilities and chambered with 10x28 mm high explosive rounds. It was created by Exon's dangerous Weyland-Yutani corporation but was replicated and is used by humans in the Exon Red Army.

Smartgun Operating SystemEdit

The M56 Smartgun system actually consists of four major components — the operator's combat harness, the head mounted sight, the articulator arm and the gun itself. The gun self stabilizes itself so it has virtually no recoil but the due to the system's weight it is difficult to lug this system everywhere (Given that you are a UNSC wimp most people on Soviet Exon can carry this with ease). The combat harness is what helps aims the gun for the operator all the operator really needs to do is carry this and pull the trigger. The operator is given a HUD system that is either integrated with the helmet or is avaible by headset. 

Targeting SystemEdit

When powered up, the gun begins tracking targets via the infrared detector mounted directly above the barrel. This scanner consists of a 256×256 element platinum-silicide focal plane array, cooled to 77°K (-196.15°C) by a tiny cryogenic gas cooler. The system monitors a 30° cone in front of the gun. The tracking system also transmits thermal images to a miniature video display in the operator's eyepiece. If a target is detected, the tracker will overlay a lighted box or rectangle over the target's center mass on this display, highlighting it for the operator's attention. At the same time, the articulator arm will steer the gun towards the target, and once it has acquired a lock the operator will be informed by a target lock circle that illuminates on the display screen.

In the event that the operator wishes to engage an opponent other than the one currently locked on to, they can simply steer the gun manually towards their preferred target and the system will acquire a fresh lock. This tactic is also vital when faced with the use of infrared false-target decoys.

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