Full Name

Lysander O'Herlihy II

Date of Birth

May 17th, 2560



Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Daniel O'Herlihy (Father)

  • Unnamed Mother (Deceased)



Machines Operated

Super Costume Zaku F2000


Lysander is a Gunpla Fighter who lives on Orb, he is the son of one of the head CEO's of Ultratech and the pilot of the Super Custom Zaku F2000.


Lysander is very stuck up which comes from his fathers wealth. He feels he is smarter than other teens on Orb and thus is home schooled. With his spare time Lysander got into Gunpla battles and created what he calls "the pinnacle of Gunpla power". He has no friends due to his nature and he prefers this and rather focuses his efforts on other things.


Lysander moved to Orb at a young age when his father became the head of Ultratech, resulting in him leaving behind friends he made as a child. He grew up mostly without his fathers presence and thus became as he is now, stuck up and very rude to those he deems dumb. He lives in a large luxury apartment in one of Orb larger cities.

When the Gunpla battle craze happened, Lysander soon picked up on it and was determined to create a Gunpla to outmatch all others. After countless prototypes and tests he managed to create one that is unmatched on Orb known as the Super Custome Zaku F2000.

Lysander took part in the Orb Qualifiers, a small competition where the winner can secure a place in the 7th Intergalactic Gunpla Tournament. Lysander won the qualifier and has travelled to the planet the tournament is taking place on