Adventure Group (formally)
Sushi Bar


Battle Rifle, Missile Pod, Wrench



Lopez is a robotic helper made by Alien-king when he was serving aboard the Black Knight. While making him, Alien damaged Lopez's orginal speech unit, so instead he used a spanish one. However, he did not consider the fact that he does not know spanish, meaning Alien cannot understand what Lopez says.

Lopez used to spend his time aiding Alien with making mechs in the warehouse, and sometimes (rarely) helping the Adventure Group in missions. Lopez was shipped to Alien when he moved to Eden, and he now works at the sushi bar as a janitor.


Lopez is very sarcastic and gets annoyed with people easily as they can't undestand him. He will sometimes refuse to do something if the person asking is someone who he finds annoying. He is somewhat afraid of Agent Carolina as she enjoys breaking him.

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