Pokemon Thunder trainer 1

Lloyd Ampere

Lloyd is a Pokemon Trainer from Goldenrod City in the Johto region.


Lloyd's father is an Electrician, and his Mother is a teacher. His Father's work inspired Lloyd's interest in Pokemon of the Electric type. While taking advice from his friends to not completely specialize in Electric Pokemon, he seems more interested in them than any other type, although he has a minor interest in Pokemon of the Ground, Rock, and Steel types as well.



Lloyd Ampere Squirtle 1

Lloyd's Squirtle

Lloyd's starter Pokemon was a Squirtle, controversy to his type favorite, since Water is vulnerable to Electric. He has confidence that it will grow to become a strong Pokemon, however, despite its differences.


  • Tackle
  • Bubble


Lloyd holds an interest in finding special Pokemon for him to keep track of. He keeps a program in his Pokedex to list these Pokemon. His goal is to at least witness them, ask questions on an expert about the Pokemon, and perhaps do battle with them if he can find the time and ability to do so. These Pokemon are Ancient, special/unique mixes, Electric and other types, Legendary, or Rare.

Below is his list of Pokemon to be researched:

  • Voltorb/Electrode (For their incredible explosive property)
  • Electabuzz (One managed to make a dangerous overload at a Powerplant nearby, sparking his interest)
  • Jolteon (One of the unique Eevee evolutions)
  • Zapdos (The legendary Electric bird of Kanto)
  • Chinchou/Lanturn (Their mix of Water and Electric types)
  • Raikou (The legendary Electric beast of Johto)