Llid 5

Llid, bringer of Pain

Llid is the Hunan Mewlnol, or "Inner Self", of Ynni. Unlike Ynni's kind, passionate likeness, Llid is insane, psychopathic, and gets stronger from pain and death. She seems to fathom blood and anything associated with Death, particularly weapons that kill slowly. She may enjoy the practice of torturing her captives.

Effects on other charactersEdit

Llid seems to have the ability to influence the actions and emotions of those around her when she is

Llid in her "Playful" form

awakened. Below are a list of a few characters who have been affected:

Ynni: Being Ynni's own half of her rage and Insanity, Llid has greatly affected her the most, amplified by the fact that they share the same body. Ynni has been specially trained and protected from any emotional changes, in part due to their spiritual separation; however, whenever one is awake, the other is asleep, and vice versa.... this also affects the strengthening of the two: When one is strengthened by the actions of those around her, the other is weakened, as is in the case of massive deaths. Ynni becomes weakened, while Llid gets stronger.

Gaara: Gaara is the next most affected person, being that he has a Demon inside of him that Llid's presence and actions stir. He seems to be more vulnerable to his insane side when she's around. This could cau
Llid 1

Llid shifting into Ynni

se a potential danger to the group, as whenever Gaara's demon is awakened, Death occurs.

Zack: Whenever Llid is around, Zack seems frightened and his body changes state, in the form of tempurature and emotion. Zack can be found shivering, shrilling, and crying whenever Llid is around.

Ninja: due to ninja's ability to sense the spirits or aura of others even when in regular ynni's presence he senses llid and wishes to get away from ynni when in the presence of llid herself he feels cold and dead inside like he desribes as "a real dead man walking" and feels a very strong sense of death and despair.

Evo: Best buddies due to their shared interest of torture. 

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