LIzzy is one of Roku's friends at the Jade Palace, she is a soft hearted girl at the age of 16. Roku and her






Martial Status





Roku: Close friend

Obo: Close friend

Hair Color


Eyebrows are black

Eye color



UCR Citizen

 have become good friends over the 2 years he has been at the Jade Palace, often going to her for advice.


Lizzy is a female human, of the age of 16. She came to the Jade Palace after being orphaned, similiar to Roku. She first arrived when she was 10 and has worked hard everyday, when she met Roku. They became friends at the start, being from similiar pasts. THey trust each other deeply and would do anything for each other.


Lizzy is a purple haired human, with shoulder length hair that parts in the middle. She has a fair skin tone with blue eyes and wears a white breast height undershirt with a pink over shirt with yellow accents. She wears white wrist bands with a yellow sash around her waist to keep the robe like clothing up. She wears pink and yellow kung fu shoes with open tops and has a ring on her finger, claiming it was her mothers.


Lizzy is a joyful girl with a fair voice and likes to joke around, but she can sometimes be quite scornful with she is angry, striking fear even into Obo, of whom is the most fearless of the 3. Roku, even stated that he will face anyone in the world except for Lizzy, for no one matches her scornful side. To which Obo and Roku laugh about, which makes Lizzy mad. But on the upside, she is very loving and wants to try her best to help people.


Lizzy is only a human, but she is very formable. Since Roku has taught her Ki manipulation, she can create small energy balls and fly on her own. She is also a very skilled martial artist, rivaling Roku himself.

RP AdventuresEdit

THese are her adventures

Meeting RokuEdit

When Lizzy and Roku were 14 years old, they both met at the Jade Palace, when Roku found his way to the palace. At first they were shy towards each other but they soon started talking more and became the best of friends. Ever since they have trained together and told each other everthing.

Meeting OboEdit

Obo, came to Eden on a UCR Chartership, hoping to meet new people and possibly start a new life. He came across teh Jade Palace and was greeted by Roku and Lizzy, they were training in the arena. Obo, offered to join in, Lizzy was at first hesitant, but Roku persuaded her. Claiming he wanted to test his power, so Obo and ROku fought and ROku found he was very strong, even for him. Obo, told him that he trained his whole life to become a great fighter, but due to his races peaceful ways, he wasnt able to. So Roku invited him to join the Jade Palace and 2 became friends, often training with each other. Lizzy also joins in to learn Namekian techniques.


Roku - They met at the Jade Palace and he is Lizzy's best friend.

Obo - At first they were rocky, but now they are friends. Lizzy often goes to him for spiritual advice, or training in Namekian fighting styles.

Moves and AbilitiesEdit

Lizzy is mostly a physical fighter, so there isnt much. But she does use some energy techniques, most are simply energy balls though.

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