Liz is one of Death the Kid twin pistols, she was introduced after Tenks took a trip to Death City.




Eye color

Dark Blue

Hair Color

Dark Blonde

Family and Friends

Death the Kid: Miester

Patty: Sister

Tenks: Husband



Martial Status


Main InfoEdit

Liz is the elder sister of Patty and 1 of Kid's weapons along with Patty. In emergencies, she can ue Patty's gun form, and visa versa. She lives in Death City and attends DWMA. 


Liz has dark blonde hair that reaches her waist, blue eyes, and slightly sun-kissed skin.

Place in the RPEdit

Liz acts as Tenks current love interest, she entered when Tenks visited DWMA and met Liz at first it was a "rocky" introduction but then Tenks tryed again and asked her on a date, after which she accepted. 

Gen 2 AdventuresEdit

Liz was brough to Tenks by Yoko's evil verse so Tenks could ask her a question; to marry him. At first she said, "Oh My God...No" to mess with him; then she said yes, making Tenks "The happiest man in the world". But  a couple months later, Liz joined Tenks on a mission despite Tenks not wanting her to go. And he was right to worry, because it was a enemy he couldnt handle, the enemy killed Liz, injuried Gorby, and almost killed Tenks. Mitsubi and the group came to save the day.