The Yoko/Grif Residence is where the Adventure Group recently hangs out to either, eat, sleep, or start a mission. The house has an unspecified amount of rooms in it, so people can stay over if they feel like it, much to Grif's displeasure. It is also recognized as a safehouse since ONI and the UNSC is after Yoko, Yoko (Evil Verse) and most other occupants, and Yuno Gasai. It was destroyed by the UNSC when Church unwittingly led a fleet straight to the house.


1st Floor

  • Kitchen 
  • Living Room
  • Dining table
  • Backyard & Pool
  • Hidden Garage
  • Hidden Armory
  • Warehouse of Food
  • The Lab

2nd Floor

  • Yoko/Grif's Room
  • Yoko (Evil Verse)'s Room
  • Julia Grauder's Room
  • Sparky's Room
  • Guest Bedrooms (Unspecified amount)


  • Another weapons room
  • Storage room


  • Evo's Basement of "Cupcakes"

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