Tech master of Bad CompanyEdit

"Tequila" as her friends call her, is the technician of Whiskey team. She is witty, tough, but gets frustrated easily. She is constantly having to get called down by Thel (the leader of Whiskey team). She was born on Earth inside of the former country of Spain. She is pretty good with a pulse rifle (better then UNSC people are with the ARs at least) and even better at piloting, hacking, and weaponry additions.


She hacks, drives, flies, watches, fixes, and pretty much does everything technical. She is known for having a slight crush on Thel. She dosn't talk much about it and gets offended when people do but its obvious. Thel dosn't really understand so she's somewhat lucky. She is good for morale by providing in-deph communications in a Cortana-like way.

Whiskey TeamEdit

She was chosen for Whiskey team when Hudson came through for the quarterly checking on the UNSC brig. He came across Lindsay and heard of her story she was chosen at once for Bad Company and after about a months work, Whiskey team.