SpeciesHuman, Spartan-III
FamilyTeam Romeo/Juliet are her family
WeaponsDual M7 Caseless SMGs
Hair colorPink
Eye colorGreen

Linda-A179 born Linda Miku is a Spartan-III of Alpha Company she was killed on Installation 00, but with Project Rebirth she and others from the team she fought in are back. She is loyal to the UNSC, but she hates ONI for what they did to her, she suffers from Project Rebirths first flaw, she has a A.I. called Pink Eyes to help her go though with it. She has been disavowed and hunted down by the UNSC.

Role in RPEdit

Linda is the teams CQB fighter, she loves close quarters, she was the second member of the team to scare Robert-A037, she has a huge hate for Brutes from the fact she knows she has died by a Brute.

In combat Linda focuses on protecting her team members by spraying the area with gunfire or throwing a bunch of grenades.


  • Robert-A037 - Robert and Linda get along well, she thought he was holding her back, he just didn't want to lose her.
  • Alice-A288 - Alice and Linda get along well, she calls her Kiddo.
  • Rex-A048 - Rex and Linda don't get along at all, she makes him shut his trap by threating to cut his balls off.
  • Denter-A044 - Denter and Linda get along well.
  • Mike-A287 - Mike and Linda work great as a team, with Mike being heavy weapons he can lay down covering fire she can get into close combat with little trouble.
  • Tom-G290 - Tom and Linda don't get along very well but she finds him helpful with him good at hand to hand combat.

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