Lt. Davis


January 6th, 2515




Lieutenant Davis, Micheal


  • Amanda Davis (mother)
  • Dan Davies (Father)




MA5D, M6H, SRS99 S-5






Micheal is a natural born leader and a noble one just like his father. He is very loyal to the UNSC and would fight to the end for them.


Micheal was born in the year 2515 on Earth in London. His farther (Commander Daniel Davies) was a highly respected commander in the UNSC, and so was absent for a lot of Micheal's early childhood. When Micheal was 8, his farther retired from the UNSC; but this was short lived, as in 2525 the Human-Covenant war began and he was called back into action. On the 25th of april 2529, Micheal and his mother got the sad news that his farther was KIA; this hit him hard but he stayed strong for his mother.

Millitary CareerEdit

Unscmarine sniper

Micheal as a Marine

At age 18, Micheal joined the UNSC and became a marine to fight the covenant. Micheal was an amazing marine, and was a natural born leader; so at age 30, he became a Lieutenant and commanded a small squad of marines.

During the fall of Reach, Micheal and his squad evacuated Civilians and got into the odd skirmish. He and what was left of his team left Reach on August 30th along with the rest of the UNSC.

On Earth, Micheal requested to be set in London; there he remained, fighting off the covenant until the end of the war. After this, he was offered a chance to become apart of the next generation of Spartans, which he accepted.

As a Spartan-IVEdit

In 2553, Micheal became a Spartan-IV and trained aboard the Infinity. Micheal still commands his Marines, but now goes on small recon missions to acquire Foreunner artifacts.

Now the Infinity has docked back on Earth, Micheal and his Squad have been sent on a mission in investigate a mysterious island what is thought to have Foreunner artifacts on it.


  • Cpl. Archibald (Archie) Henderson 
  • Pfc. John Ripley
  • Pvt. Lewis Burwell
  • Pvt. Eddie (Eagle) Mcdermott (pilot)



As a marine

  • UNSC Army Battle Dress Uniform

As a Spartan-IV

  • Recruit Helmet (Prime skin and gold visor)
  • Soldier Shoulder Pads
  • Recruit Arms (Prime skin)
  • Mk-6 Torso
  • MK-6 legs


  • Assult Rifle (Prime skin)
  • Pistol
  • Sniper rifle

Armor AbilityEdit

  • Promethean Vision 

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