Leria "Artemis" Diseth



Date of Birth

July 5th,2551


26 Years old


Enhanced Bird Human


  • UCR
  • UCR Spec Ops
  • Circe Unit


  • Captain


  • Dia Diseth (Mother,deceased)
  • Alex (Father,deceased)
  • Heren (twin sister)

Love Interests


Eye Color


Hair Color


Machines piloted


    Leria Diseth is the daughter of Former UCR Commando Alex Hyden, and 11th Generation Spec Ops Dia Diseth. She is the twin sister of Heren, and is second in command of the Circe Unit. 


Leria is the polar opposite of Heren in some aspects. In her childhood, she was usually the music loving one of the two, spending most of her time listening or composing short songs, as well as having a more outgoing personality.

As a Spec Ops, she displays a more serious demenor but retains a laidback attitude that is shown during downtimes, as still shows her love for music.

However after Circe's near downfall at the hands of the 4 Horsemen, Leria became much more determined to protect those who are important to her.


Leria and her sister Heren were born on July 5th, 2551 to Dia Diseth and Alex Hyden in the Sky city of Nanaba. Leria is the younger of the twins. When she was two, her family moved to the capital city of Oured.

New Dawn ConflictEdit


Spec Ops TrainingEdit


Encounter on EdenEdit

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Circe's fallEdit


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Hunt for GraceEdit


Operation CobraEdit


Operation NeptuneEdit


Skills and AbilitiesEdit


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