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"I never leave a man behind, even if that means my own downfall"



-Leons battle cry

Leon Kennedy
My RP character



Eye color


Hair Color



Staff Sergeant


UNSC Marine Corps


ODST special shock troop


ODST trooper, Pilot, Vehicle Operator, Sniper, Rifleman

Home Planet


Armor color

Solid Black


Leon is a ODST soldier from the UNSC he fought at the Fall of Reach and part way through the Human-Covenant war. He was a well decorated soldier at the top of his class. He is also a deadly shot barely ever missing and is 1 of the best vehicle operators in the UNSC rivaling that of Spartans. His specialty, is vehicles mostly Warthogs and aircraft of every kind. He even flew a Banshee when he needed to escape a Covenant prison. After the war he left the UNSC but they let him keep his gear. After which he started to slowing go back into the UNSC. Now he is a
250px-M6C SOCOM

Leon's pistol of choice

ODST again and is gonna continue his career After being captured during a mission Leon spent 10 years away from home in a war prison. In those 10 years he suffered agonizing torture from his capters. After he got back he continued his ODST career.


Leon is a typicaly sized for his age and for a ODST, he is 5'7 with medium sized muscles. His hair is a dark brown color and on his right upper arm he has a tattoo of the ODST drop pod emblem that says "ODST" on the banner. And on his other arm there is a skull with a banner under it that says "Feet first into Hell". He mostly wears tight
Leon in his casual clothing

Leon in his most worn shirt. (he is the one without the name)

muscle shirts with a short sleeve along with jeans and tennis shoes or boots. His main shirts are ODST themed. He has 3 different ones. A black one with the UNSC emblem over the left breast. A gray one with ODST across the front and another black one with ODST across the front. He also wears his Dog Tags almost all the time.


  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Explosives
  • Vehicles (driving, fixing, and modifying)
  • Marksman
  • Technolgy
  • Extravehiclar Activity 


  • BR85HB SR
  • MA37
  • M6C/SOCOM 
  • Combat Knife
  • Spoofer


  • Warthog (Halo 3 generation
  • Pelican (Looks similer to the NMPD pelican but is outfitted like a military model)
  • Scorpion Tank (Halo Reach generation)
  • SOEIV (Drop Pod)
  • Mongoose (Halo Reach Generation)


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