"I enjoyed my time with the UNSC, but like everything. Things must come to a end sooner or later. But even so.... I will and always will be a ODST!"


Leon Kennedy
My RP character



Eye color


Hair Color



Staff Sergeant


UNSC Marine Corps (former)

Military Specialty

ODST special shock troop (former)


ODST trooper (former)

Home Planet


Armor color

Solid Black


Leon was a ODST serving with the UNSC. He was a well decorated soldiering. Always performing his duties to the letter. Highly motivated and always wanting to succeed. After reaching the rank Staff Sergeant he seperated from the UNSC with a Honorable Discharge. Now he is living out in the country, relaxing and enjoying the rest of his life. He occasionally takes up bounties to earn a little extra money. Recently he inheritied a sum of money as well as land from his deceased parents and this has allowed him to further pursue bounty hunting and purchase his gear, as well as purchasing a Class 3 License.


Leon is a typicaly sized for his age, he is 5'7 with medium sized build. His hair is a dark brown color and on his right upper arm he has a tattoo of the ODST drop pod emblem that says "Feet First" on the banner. He mostly wears tight
Leon in his casual clothing
muscle shirts with a short sleeve along with jeans and tennis shoes. He also wears his Dog Tags almost all the time to remember his times as a ODST.


  • Hand to Hand combat
  • Explosives and demolition 
  • Vehicles (driving, fixing, and modifying)
  • Marksman
  • Technolgy and quick study
  • Extravehiclar Activity 
  • SERE skills (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape)


Leon has aquired retired military grade weaponary thanks to having a Class 3 license.

  • BR85HB SR
  • MA37
  • M6C/SOCOM 


Leon collects old retired military vehicles as well.

  • M12 Warthog Decommissioned
  • Civilian varient of the D77 Pelican 


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