Leons new house

Leons house. The guns and cannons are hidden

Leon's house

Date Built

September 5, 2556

# of floors


# of rooms


Additional features

A airplane hanger, swimming pool, shooting range, a garage

Main infomationEdit

This is where Leon and his family live. It is situated in a secluded area in the forest. About the size of a mansion (Length and width wise but not height). The garage also runs under ground to reveal a his personal Warthog (The 1 with that is basically a APC).

Structure shape and blue printsEdit

The house has 2 floors, but also as a couple floors under the actual building. A couple feet down the hill is Leon's hanger  with has his Pelican, Falcon, Scorpion Tank, and other military vehicles. Also there is a shooting range between the house and hanger. The hanger resembles a Starship hanger with mulitple braces and such. Back at the house their is A-A guns, Anti personell and Anti Vehicle cannons.


Leon's hanger is where he keeps his Military vehicles and other stuff that is important.
Leons hanger 1

His ArmoryEdit

Leon also has a armory where he keeps his ODST armor and weapons. He has the room lit up in blue.

Leon's armory


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