Leons Pelican
[[Leons pelican|px]]




30.5 meters


23.5 meters


10.0 meters

Engine units

2 Main engines and numerous thrust vectoring nozzles


Radiation shielding

Max personal crew

13 (plus pilots)

Max Cargo Capacity

70 tons


  • 1 70mm Rotary cannon
  • ANVIL missile's
  • AIE-486H HMG
  • Heat seaking missiles

Misc features

Multiple communication devices

  • Spotlight
  • Windshield polarization (his own modification)

This is Leon Kennedy's personal Pelican he got when he left the UNSC. He replaced the greenish paint with a black and white color scheme. Once in a while he takes it on flights. It also still has the 70 mm Rotary Cannon on the nose and has the missile pods on the wings. And the cargo bay is still able to carry vehicles and troops and weapons.


Leon used this Pelican during the war for multiple reasons. From picking up his comrades, to conducting air support and even dropping of supplies. Some his best memories happened in this very Pelican. After the war he used it for casual flying and for helping armies in wars. 1 day he was flying and he found a colony, which he proceeded to go to. After much discussion with some soldiers he gained entrance. It was stolen and crashed by Eve, who later repurposed it as her vessel.


Its a standard Military UNSC dropship that Leon aquired through unknown means (He did not steal it). But after which he repainted it and added some additions. Like a polarizing windowshield, 70 mm Rotary Cannon, more space for troops and weaponary, and a small spotlight right under the Rotary Cannon. He also added some missile pods, 2 sets of anti-aircraft missle pods, and 2 sets of anti-vehicle/anti-infantry missile pods. He also fashioned a Spartan Laser cannon connected to the bottom of the Rotary Cannon.


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