Dr. Leo Asimov is the head of the Robotics division within the G-Force administration of the JSDF Kaiju Self-Defense Force.

Biography Edit

Leo Asimov came from a family who moved to a Nippon world, having ancestry back in the USSR. He demonstrated an intelligent mind and innovative personality. During school, he excelled in the electronics course, and was part of the Robotics club where he helped try to secure his team's place in victory during competitions. Despite being unable to win a single tournament during his time there, his contributions no doubt inspired his peers and impressed his instructor.

Leo Asimov then later took on educational studies, and ended up replacing his electronics instructor at the school. The then Professor Asimov was difficult on his students, challenging them all in extreme ways to innovate and inspire. Very few of those beneath him would manage to pass his personal tests, despite being able to clear their studies.

His expertise caught attention from the JSDF. The G-Force branch of the Kaiju Self-Defense Force assembled two envoys, who came to Professor Asimov and offered him a higher paying occupation. Asimov initially refused; just before they left, they mentioned G-Force's rising need for Robotics experts, and were planning on meeting his rival next. Immediately changing his mind, Professor Asimov chased the envoys and accepted their offer.

G-Force Edit

Leo Asimov contributed to G-Force's research, and benefited by earning his doctorate. His research ended up improving their Mecha forces in small, but vital ways.

Dr. Asimov eventually became the head of G-Force's Robotics division. His ambition quickly showed, declaring Kaiju as a terrifying force that needed to be controlled if Nippon society should continue.

Personality Edit

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