Lazarus-S712 is a Spartan-IV whom first served aboard the UNSC Infinity.


Lazarus was born on Epsilon Eridani. He was moved, along with his family, to Earth when he was two. In effect, he had never witnessed a Covenant attack, having only hearing of the Alien danger as he grew older, until he enlisted into the UNSC Air Force.

His first combat mission was actually the first engagement of Earth in 2552. Lazarus proved effective with long-range weaponry such as the Battle rifle and Sniper rifle. However, what he was most remembered for was his ability to crack into the Covenant battlenet, and tracking down Covenant V.I.P.'s, such as Sangheili Field Masters. He fought in the Battle of New Mombassa, and was trapped in the city when The Prophet of Regret's Carrier entered slipspace along with the UNSC In Amber Clad. With additional UNSC Support, he managed to make it out of the city.

After the second engagement (In which he was thankful for being placed in a zone away from the Flood infection), and after the Human-Covenant War had finally ended, he later volunteered for the Spartan-IV Program. He continued to train with long-range weaponry, training with the DMR and newer variants of the M6 series sidearm and advanced piloting training.

During the battle of Requiem, he proved his piloting capabilities by transporting troops and supplies across the shield world in a Pelican, including John-117 in one mission.

After Requiem, Lazarus returned to Earth, where he was placed in a Spartan-IV reserve list.


Lazarus is extremely efficient, due to many long hours spent training his body for combat. However, even before he became a soldier, he was increasing his mental capabilities since the age of four. Always meditating, always focusing and concentrating on the most important aspects and shutting everything else out, at first Lazarus may seem to regard the opinions of others as inferior to his own; even though it is merely him considering every last possibility.

Recently, Lazarus has acted a little colder than he usually displays himself to be. Perhaps he has lost a close friend to him; however, since he usually isn't open to express himself, Lazarus forever remains mysterious. He seems to have a favor for the color Green.

It is known that Lazarus can compete against AI, overcoming the capabilities of a Dumb-class and conflicting against a Smart-class at a Stalemate. He also seems to be interested, at least in a very slight way, towards Forerunner artifacts; anything that is mysterious to the UNSC, he seems to be drawn to.


  • Combat machete
  • M6D Magnum
  • M395 DMR
  • HE-DP Frag grenade
  • SRS 99-S5 Anti-Matériel Sniper Rifle (On some missions)

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