Lawrence Crock

Full Name

Lawrence Crock


Sportsmaster, Crusher

Date of Birth

August 5th





Hair Colour


Eye Colour



Pyle Academy for the Enhanced


Head of the Psychical Education Department, Teacher

Lawrence "Crusher" Crock, is a former pro-athlete and celebrity, however due to the public's interest in him starting to wane in his later years, he took up being a teacher at Pyle Academy in hopes of bolstering his public image.


To many, Lawrence Crock is a hardass bully who finds joy in bullying kids, while also stroking his own ego, and to be fair, they aren't entirely wrong. The only positive side to his personality seems to be how committed he is to winning and being the best at whatever he does, which would be admirable if he wasn't such a hothead about it.


Early HistoryEdit

Throughout his life, Lawrence Crock has been known for his prowess in sports. From being the top player in his minor league baseball club, to being the captain of several different sports clubs in high school.

After graduating from high school, Lawrence hit the professional sports scene hard. In his 30 year career he has managed to be a top player in several different professional sports, including baseball, basketball, both american and British football, hockey, rugby, boxing and golf. As well as having his black belt in several different martial arts, a line of gyms and managed to participated in three Olympic Games and two Winter Olympics, where he took home golds for track and field, mountain cycling, archery, discus, skiing and curling.

However, despite Lawrence's success in the field, enough to the point where he gained the title of "Sportsmaster" by the media, public interest in him started to wane in his later years. Around this time, he was offered a job at Pyle Academy as the head of their Physical Education department. And seeing this as the ticket he needed to get his name back in the public view, he took them up on their offer.

Despite originally begrudging the job, Lawrence learned to appreciate it as his career went on. Though, not due to the reasons one might think. Instead of finding joy in teaching a new generation and finding happiness in their success, he instead found joy in barking orders at them, calling them insults and putting them through the ringer as he forced them to work to their limit in his classes. And even now, seven years in, he still enjoys it.