Psycho (lyrics) 12 Stones

Psycho (lyrics) 12 Stones

(Psycho mode)
The Chain Gang Of 1974 - Sleepwalking

The Chain Gang Of 1974 - Sleepwalking

Lauren Greene
Lauren has an identical resemblance to her mother, Sam


May 21, 2549




Demon/Human Hybrid




Black (Psycho)


Light Green (Psycho)


Rtas 'Chavam (Father)
Samantha Greene (Mother)
Jacob 'Chavam (Brother)
Amanda Greene (Younger Sister)



Love Interest(s)




"As I can see, I'm no laughing matter, but everyone around seems to think so, Today, I show them what it truly means to be... Psycho..."


Lauren is very much alike her mother, but she is more kind-hearted than Sam. She loves about anything that walks the Earth. She has eye color changes, just like her mom. She still hasn't learned how to use her powers, but she has courage that she will be able to control them.

Early LifeEdit

Lauren Greene was born to Samantha Greene and Rtas 'Chavem at an undetermind date. By the time she was one, she could talk and walk. At age five, she learned that she was a demon, told to her by her mother. at age eight, she was an incredible reader and writer, and she wrote for most of her days. At age 10, she created her first of many robots. At age 12, She became the youngest designer to create a 25-foot long drone, for which was used as an industry worker, and gained popularity. At age 14, she turned away from inventing and went back to being a writer and wrote a few bestsellers, including A Date with Death and A Rose's Dealer. At age 16, She won The Nobel Peace Prize for her book, One with Peace, for the book helping end the conflict between Russia and The United States. At age 18, she became one of the world's most influential people with her book, How I see Myself, The Autobiography of Lauren Greene.

Powers Edit

State of Psycho- Lauren only enters this state if she's been enraged, made fun of, or literally being called a psycho. Her hair changes to Black and her eyes change from Red to Light Green. Her hair is worn down, and she carries a knife with her, one that can't be detatched from her hand. She wears glasses to protect her eyes from the blood splatters that could blind her. You don't want to be around her when she enters this state.

Current DayEdit

Lauren lives at home with her parents and her brother. She attends college and oftens tends to be with her friends for a few days, mostly just staying in their home. She has yet to find herself a boyfriend and is looking for one. 

Her New JobEdit

Lauren acquired a job working as a scientist for the UNSC and ONI, she has currently been tasked with (Undisclosed) and the research has been astounding, she finds it hard, but enduring. She finished the (undisclosed) on time for her presentation.