Lancelot Frame

The Basic Lancelot Frame

The Lancelot is an experimental 7th Generation Knightmare Frame; a large combat system piloted by Church in important missions and emergencies. It is an Armor/Assault system similar to a Mobile suit, albeit one third their size at 6 meters tall. It is controlled from it's Cockpit, which is the section protruding from it's back.

Systems (Weapon and Defense)Edit

The Lancelot Frame has many built in weapons and safety systems:

Lancelot MVS

Both of the Lancelot's MVS's in action

Many additional Optional-Upgrades can be added, like a "Float-System", which allows the Lancelot to fly.

Lancelot AlbionEdit

Albion Wing Deploy

Lancelot Albion Deploying Energy Wings, Holding Both Super-VARIS Rifles

The Lancelot Albion is a full size mobile suit (21 Meters Tall) based on the Lancelot, capable of taking on even the toughest of enemy mobile suits. It shares the same basic weapons and abilities as the original, except for its energy-wing structure on its back. This structure allows the Albion to fly whenever it needs to, and can fire large energy blades. Data from the Albion's many successful combat deployments are being put into a new small-scale CMF project.

Systems (Weapon and Defense)Edit

The Albion has many built in weapons and safety systems similar to it's previous form:

  • 4 Maser Vibration Anchors (Maser Vibration Blades Replace Slash Harken Blades)
    • 2 Hip Mounted, and 2 Wrist Mounted
  • 2 MVS's
    Albion Flying Kick

    The Albion Demonstrating Its Top-Tier Speed in Combat

  • 2 Dual-Functionality Super V.A.R.I.S. Rifles (Firing Modes: Standard + "Hadron Cannon")
  • Upgraded Blaze Luminous Energy Defense System
  • Flight-Enabled Energy Wing System (Energy Bolts may be fired from wings, as well as the larger "feathers")
  • Cascade Piloting System (Original Lancelot Contained Within Cockpit)
  • Cockpit-Eject System (Utilizes Original Lancelot for Safe Escape)

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